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SAMYAK staff is involved in individual and organisational consultancies with national and internationals organisations and groups. This has been a major source of support for SAMYAK so far.


SAMYAK is registered as a Communication and Resource Centre on gender, masculinities, health and development. Based in Pune (INDIA), SAMYAK works through collaborative partnerships and advocacy initiatives with voluntary and people’s organizations, social and political groups, media, and society at large, to promote gender equity and justice and to advocate human rights of all individuals.

SAMYAK understands significance of the work of various women’s organizations and also derives its inspiration from the work and the writings of individuals and activists from the women’s movement and other social justice movements in India. While the women’s movement has helped to enhance feminist consciousness amongst women and some sections amongst men, many men still need to be reached out to, to expand this consciousness and become partners to achieve gender equity. SAMYAK believes that there is need for innovative communication strategies, materials and programmes to reach out to ‘un-reached’ groups in society, especially men.

SAMYAK is actively involved in capacity building of NGOs in the area of masculinities and working with men. We reach out to men through our communication and resource centre. SAMYAK is active in networking with various social justice movements and individuals to involve them in work with men toward gender equality. It is also involved in community-based interventions, especially in Marathwada, Konkan and Western regions of the state of Maharashtra in India, with women, men and youth on sexual and reproductive health rights issues.