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SAMYAK's capacity development initiatives focus on building critical perspectives and skills of participants for personal and institutional transformation in rural and urban communities.

Capacity Development

Our capacity development initiatives are focused on linking critical epistemology with the praxis for transformative changes in rural and urban communities, especially men. Our training programmes are not just aimed towards building knowledge and skills about the issues but necessarily are aimed towards building critical understanding of the participants about the issues. It helps participants to link issues of gender, masculinities, health and development with the larger structural and systemic issues like patriarchy, caste-class-religion-based discrimination and violence, globalization and economic changes, nationalism, militarization and peace building.
We conduct training programmes with various local, national and international groups. Key methodology includes participatory techniques and personal reflections, group activities, role-plays, brainstorming sessions, games, PowerPoint presentations, video screenings and discussions. We engage ourselves in capacity development activities with local groups/NGOs only when they ensure sustainability and follow-up interventions in their respective communities. With the national and international groups SAMYAK takes up capacity development activities to ensure impact on society at large through influencing programmes and policies.

Areas of capacity development:

  • Gender, Gender-based Violence, Violence against Women, Women�s Empowerment
  • Men and Masculinities, Patriarchy, Nationalism, Communalism, Militarisation, Gender-sensitive Active Non-violence (GSANV) and Peace Building
  • Health, Health Rights, Urban Health issues, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Sexuality, Sexual Identities, Sexual Rights, HIV/AIDS, Men-masculinities and Risk Taking
  • Communication, Development Communication, Organisational Communication, Political Theatre
  • Management of Health and Development Programme