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SAMYAK is now designing innovative projects focussing on women’s rights, working with men and boys, livelihood and education, and promoting health rights. We look forward for potential partnerships with donor agencies with critical perspectives.


Young Men, Masculinities and HIV/AIDS: Working with Young Men in the Colleges of Pune City

A pilot intervention was made with group of young men in 4 different city colleges in Pune to build their understanding on the issues of gender, masculinity, sexuality and risk taking behaviours in the context of HIV/AIDS. The main thrust of interventions was on changing attitudes and behaviours of the group members and involving them in development of communication materials and various campaign activities against HIV/AIDS from masculinities and risk taking perspective.

Objectives of pilot interventions:

  1. To mobilise 4 groups of young men each (18-22) in 4 different colleges of Pune city.
  2. To orient group members to understand gender, masculinity, sexual and reproductive rights and HIV/AIDS to address risk taking behaviours in young men.
  3. To plan and execute a campaign on masculinities and HIV/AIDS
  4. To document the process in the form of reports and/or smaller updates to disseminate experiences and learning of this pilot project in order to upscale effective intervention from it.
  5. To create a ground for SAMYAK to initiate youth-lead interventions in the area of gender, masculinities and violence against girls and women in public and private spaces.